First Responders

25 June 2020


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Here is an example of some of the initial offers, with more to be announced by participating retailers on their websites and/or social channels. Terms and conditions will apply and will be communicated by individual retailers. If you have any questions about an individual retail offer, please contact the retailer in question.



First Responders Day is the industry’s way of thanking Australian medical and health workers, police, and firefighters for their hard work and dedication in keeping us safe.

Image by Ani Kolleshi


About First Responders  

First Responders Day takes place in retail stores for one day only on Thursday, 25 June 2020. This event encourages retailers large and small to combine their efforts  and thank first responders for their courage, commitment, and contribution during the COVID-19 crisis by offering a special discount to these workers at all participating Australian retailers.  

First Responders can visit the website or social media channels of their favourite stores to find out more about the discounts. Be sure to check the details on the website of each participating store as offers will vary from store to store.  


Purpose of the 


This ARA initiative in partnership with its members and strategic partners is part of the wider retail recovery campaign developed by the ARA to create a sustainable retail recovery,

by helping consumers to feel safe, welcome and excited about their renewed

shopping experience.



This offer is only available to First Responders. First Responders include medical and health workers including doctors, nurses, paramedics, and ambulance staff, policemen and women. We are also extending the offer to firefighters, as an acknowledgment of their work during the Australian Bushfires. We ask that First Responders bring a Photo ID which shows their work identity. Alternatively, they can shop in their work uniform. 

Customers and retailers are reminded that social distancing measures still apply,

and the 1.5 metre rule should be adhered to while shopping in-store



Thank you to our strategic partners TBWA and Fabric Agency for contributing to this initiative. 

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